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Lake Washington Investigations

We are not your ordinary, stereotypical private investigative agency. Our licensed private investigators approach every project with the understanding that companies and attorneys expect a lot more than just good investigative skills. In today’s marketplace, one must only partner with those truly willing to commit not only to their dollars, but to their mission, culture, goals and most important, their people.

Lake Washington Investigations can help you to:

  • Make Safer and Better Hiring Decisions on Trust and Key Positions

  • Conduct Unbiased Workplace Investigations and prepare for litigation

  • Profile Business Partners, competitors, potential mergers & acquisitions

  • Gather and utilize Social Media Intelligence in all kinds of investigations


About Us

Lake Washington Investigations’ sole mission is to provide companies with a full circle package of services, including background investigations for leadership, fiduciary, C-level and other trust positions, due diligence investigations for their business engagements and partnerships, and independent workplace investigations. Through the use of proprietary databases, open source intelligence, social media investigations and interviewing techniques, our licensed private investigators are committed to gathering, analyzing and reporting the data you need to properly deal with issues within your organization.

With a mix of international investigative and security consulting experience, and many years of exposure to corporate environments worldwide, Lake Washington Investigations takes on every assignment knowing what is expected from us: timely results, first class customer service, ethical and compliant policies and procedures, no disruption to your company’s day to day operations and a healthy return on investment every time you hire our services. When in need of a private investigator in the Seattle Metro Area, call Lake Washington Investigations and allow us to provide the support you need and high level service you deserve.


Helping companies, attorneys, investors and

individuals with their needs for information.

Credentials and Affiliations

Washington State Private Investigative Agency Lic. No. 2295

Washington State Private Investigator Principal Lic. No. 4404

Board Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional (CCIP) #10905297

Bilingual Staff (Portuguese)

Lake Washington Investigations is a proud member of:

  • Washington Association of Legal Investigators



We are information gatherers, data analyzers,

fact reporters and problem solvers.

Services we offer

  • Background Investigations

    * Managers & Executives

    * Fiduciary Positions

    * Board Members

    * Witness Credibility Check

    * Potential Partners

    * Caregivers

    * Volunteers

  • Workplace Investigations

    * Hostile Work Environment

    * Harassment

    * Discrimination

    * Employee Theft

    * Workplace Violence

    * Employee Misconduct

    * Retaliation

  • Due Diligence Investigations

    * Mergers & Acquisitions

    * Investments

    * Vendor & Partner Check

    * Litigation History

    * Reputation Assessment

    * Competitor Intelligence

    * Media Research

  • Social Media Intelligence

    * Company Policy Violations

    * Stalking & Harassment

    * Character Assessment

    * Family Law Matters

    * Workers Comp Claims

    * Evidence Authentication

    * Personal Injury Cases

Mailing Address:

8512 122nd Ave NE #131

Kirkland, WA 98033